Friday, 19 February 2016


I am definitely not one to be experimental when it comes to fragrance, having worn the two same perfumes - Dior Addict and Vera Wang's Princess - since around the age of 15. However, during my obligatory gander through the perfumes at Duty Free before going on my last holiday, I gave this gem a smell and have had it in my sights ever since. It went straight on my Christmas list and since Boxing Day I've barely worn anything else!

I am much more attracted to sweeter scents rather than the more fresh and floral, and this fragrance definitely satisfied my tastes with it's blend of vanilla, orange blossom, cedarwood and patchouli. Yet what makes it more noticeably distinct is it's notes of coffee, making it a more deep and sexy scent appropriate for both the day and night in my opinion. It definitely feels a bit more grown up than my 15-year-old favourites!

I know this is fast becoming a popular perfume, especially in the blogging and Youtube sphere, but don't let this be a reason to put you off; it is a gorgeous fragrance and popular for a reason. I would recommend testing it out next time you are in the perfume aisle.

The Eau de Parfum retails at £47 for 30ml.

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