Monday, 18 July 2016


When I was in sixth form I went through a sudden outbreak of acne that just would not shift for well over a year, encouraging me to establish a proper skincare routine; at least one that consisted of more than just a face wipe in the evenings. I went on every skincare blog in the land, trying products left, right, and center, and trying out some rather questionable old wives tale tricks (I cringe to say it, but I genuinely spread crushed up paracetamol on my face on one occasion - WHY?) If I had to pin it down to one item that finally pulled my skin back to normality, however, I would say the same every time: it was the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator.

I can confidently say that this is a product that will just always remain in my skincare routine - it's honestly changed my life. I always used to assume exfoliation went hand-in-hand with scrubbing your face with gritty, bitty cleansers, which I found incredibly abrasive and aggravating on my already dry, acne-prone skin. However, this acidic toner is far more effective. It not only calmed down my spots, but solved my ongoing battle with dry skin. Before I found this toner, I had a very dull and dry complexion and my foundation would often cling to dry patches on my skin. Not a good look. But the Clarins toner banishes dryness, giving me a beautiful glow that shines through my makeup, and just generally allows my makeup to sit better on my face, and for longer too. It's one of the few things I use on my face where I notice an immediate and noticeable difference.

Since the success of using an acidic toner, I have dabbled in other acidic toners as well, but to be honest I always return to my beloved Clarins. Nothing quite seems to beat it.

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