Tuesday, 10 May 2016


With all the Boots trips I've made in my lifetime (and I dread to think just how many there have been), I don't think I have ever ventured into the Boots own-brand section. However, I was on the hunt for some new and good value for money body care items and so decided to give this Mediterranean range a whirl.

I have been really pleasantly pleased so far! These three items have been my personal favourites - I find the product quality to be surprisingly good, especially considering the cheap prices, and the scent combinations are really beautiful. I don't like my body wash or moisturisers to be too overwhelming or sickly, as I find this can interrupt the smell of the perfume I'm wearing, but these fragrances are really fresh and soothing.

I think my top pick would have to be almond, pistachio and milk body butter. It smells absolutely divine and leaves my skin feeling really silky and smooth.

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